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our organisation chart

our board and executive team

solving cases

  • our principal ombudsmen
    Richard Thompson and Garry Wilkinson lead our panel of ombudsmen and work with our senior team.
  • our chief operating officer
    Chris McDermott is responsible for how we're performing on all aspects of our work.
  • In addition to our panel of ombudsmen and our senior team, we also employ around 2,000 adjudicators who work across all areas of our service – handling complaints about PPI, banking, insurance, pensions and investments. We usually appoint our adjudicators on a permanent basis, unless there's an operational reason to do otherwise. We explain our approach to recruitment on our careers page.

helping run the service

  • HR and organisational development
    Led by Sally Webster, our director of human resources (HR) and organisational development, working with our HR team.
  • finance and performance
    Led by Julia Cavanagh, our chief financial officer, working with our finance and performance team.
  • our stakeholder team
    Led by David Cresswell, our director of strategy, and Annette Lovell, our director of engagement – working with our stakeholder team.